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Connection issues only with Windows

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For a while now I've had problems related to my internet connection speed and stability, I tried checking up with the provider and modem but already had a red flag since for my housemate it was working just fine. I then tried port forwarding and ethernet but the problem persisted so i went and checked if it was a hardware or software problem on my end.


Got ubuntu on my usb and started the pc through it and lo and behold I was suddenly getting the exact same test results as my housemate, so I'd say it's definitely a software problem related to windows.


Now I know it could be a miriad of things and formatting is probably the fastest way to solve but I'm currently an architecture student and have multiple single download licenses programs (plus some projects that have lots of temporary files related to them) so i would really prefer trying everything I can before getting to that.


My test results were as follows (did them through testmy.net with multithread off and throughout the day):


- On Windows 10: download speed around 17 mbps, latency around 60ms with frequent spikes to 110 and sometimes even more 


- On Ubuntu: download speed around 200 mbps, latency around 30ms at most going to 50 (which are the same my housemates got)



I spend most of my time playing on online multiplayer and since this problem the spikes have made them close to unplayable since it's most fighting games and fps.


Thanks in advance anyone willing to help

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