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LOOK, I remeber when dsl roports.com use to have a tweak page that would anyalize your computer and determine what need to be done with your connection speed to get it faster. Now I go to that same site and I can't understand a damn thing it's telling me to do. Does anyone know of a site that is for more of "dummies" that could make my speed faster? I've downloaded programs such as Download Accelerator Plus and it helps me alot when downloading files from the net but I need something that will speed up my modem on xbox. Any suggestions?

Updated 07/18/04

Let's forget about trying to speed up the modem for the xbox. How bout speeding up the modem period. Are there any programs that will change some settings in the modem for faster web surfing or downloading with the exception of Download Accelerator Plus?

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I'm not even sure if programs like that exist at all.

Download Accelerator can only help your speed if it connects you to a faster server, or you haven't tweaked enough yet. If I remember correctly it's spyware too.

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