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7000 sattelite different?

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I followed Fikester's advice and filed an FCC and BBB complaint as well as a complaint with the California Attorney General's office for fraudulent advertising. So far no reply. I did all my tests during peak hours and averaged 86 to 300 down and 46 to 180 uploads. The guarantee is 500 down and 100 up during peak hours. If you fill your mydirecway speed test history with less than 500 down/100 up tests, they HAVE to repoint or fix the problem or they are in deep s&#t! I have almost 30 clams in now since mid Dec with one outside equipment replacement by installers. This still (of course) didn't fix the problem. After 3 weeks of promises of engineering calling me back, I finally demanded from a level 2 tech to have my dish repointed to another bird. This requires the tech totally moving the dish to another location. I told Dway I would not pay for this and the level 2 tech discussed it with her super (gee there actually was a real super this time???) and they agreed I should be moved at THEIR expense to a new bird. The installer comes out today. The only problem is I don't know which bird!!! The installer says he has had great success with IA8 and ANC9 (I think it is that) or some other bird. He told me his clients average 1mbps down and 200kbps up almost all the time on the one he will move me to and the same transponder. He is a really nice and very knowledgeable guy and did me real good last time unlike the original FLAKE installer the first time. If you are really unhappy with your installer, you can call RS&I at 800-825-7999 and give them your field service number or current installer-authorized case number and they will try to find you another installer to come out. This is not a commonly shared number but it works if you need another installer. I also wrangled 2 free months of service out of Dway because my "logged" speeds fell below the guaranteed speeds for the professional account.

I am hoping to get wireless within the next couple of weeks. The guy came out and he could see the tower but the transponder (or whatever it is called) was pointing in the opposite direction. He told me he will be up there in (now) about 2 weeks to service it and he will put a transponder pointing in my direction so I can get service. They only allow a maximum 35 accounts per transponder because "any more than that and the signal and service are degraded!!!" Gee, do you think maybe he should talk to Dway and explain about over selling, signal degredation and performance?????? :haha:  With this system, I will be getting 1mbps down and 1mbps up ALL THE TIME!!! He said there are a few times when performance will drop slightly during peak hours as in all web services, but it should not be much. The trick is NOT TO OVERSELL!!! He has only 3 customers on the current transponder and 1 will be the only one on the second one although I have about 15 families who want to switch once I find a service. I may only let about 5 of them (my good neighbors) even know I found a better service than suckway...oh sorry, I meant Direcway!!!

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The installer came out today and moved the satellite dish to my roof and changed to AMC9 at 1370. He told me that in my area, AMC9 works the best. I am on the central California coast. He said the problem with direcway is that they don't know what bird will work best for you and that is why so many people have so many problems. He told the engineer that AMC9 is the only one that works good...IA8 does to some extent, but with all the problems I have been having, I should be moved to the one that works best in this area. I talked to a tech later tonight who verified that they don't know what bird will work best with each person's system and that is why some dishes need to be moved to another one. I had nothing but nightmares on satmex 5 and the installer told me so does everyone else in this area but AMC9 is a different story. He is a real nice guy (an exception) and knows quite a lot so I hope he is right. The only problem was the registration server was DOWN AGAIN when he tried to commission the new bird so he told me I was going to have to do it. I said since I've done it a bazillion times already with DirecWay, it shouldn't be a problem. The engineer on the phone said it should be up in an hour or two. The installer called him an idiot and said he has to deal with this all the time.....duhhhhhhhhhhhhh...as if we DON'T have to deal with idiots either??? At least it works on both sides!  I waited an hour and still no luck. I called and the guy said it was still down. I waited another hour (now 8pm) and it went all the way through but when it rebooted, I got a signal of 10 and was still on satmex 5. I called Dway again (do all of you have the number memorized with all the numbers to push to get quick access like I do?) and the nice lady came on and said there was NO request for a bird change. Like I expected to hear anything different? I told her the request was put in this morning by the installer and she finally found the order. She apologized (aren't they good at that) and re-ordered the change and told me it would take about 30 minutes. My wife and I went out to dinner. When I came back I tried to re-commission and voila...it worked!!!  The test results are below. The real test will come tomorrow during prime time when my speeds drop to 250/145 or 125/80. If the installer knows what he is talking about, my speeds should not drop during those hours below 800/150. I hope he is right but of course I am totally pessimistic about all this.  I sure hope the wireless guy sets me up in two weeks!

:::.. Download Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 1291 Kbps about 1.3 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB)

Download Speed is:: 158 kB/s

Tested From:: https://testmy.net (server1)

Test Time:: Mon Feb 13 21:13:37 PST 2006

Bottom Line:: 23X faster than 56K 1MB download in 6.48 sec

Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 42.81 % faster than the average for host (direcpc.com)

Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-6WZGLPJNS

:::.. Upload Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 186 Kbps about 0.2 Mbps (tested with 579 kB)

Upload Speed is:: 23 kB/s

Tested From:: https://testmy.net (server1)

Test Time:: Mon Feb 13 21:14:37 PST 2006

Bottom Line:: 3X faster than 56K 1MB upload in 44.52 sec

Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 135.44 % faster than the average for host (direcpc.com)

Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-UDI5N930S

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