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  1. Im on IE8 and Mozilla, but my system is a little out of date. It's a 3800+ athlon 64 processor with 1gb ram and using on board graphics running Windows Media Center edition. It's not very fast but it does the job and i've tried starting it in safe mode and running the test and there is no increase.
  2. Well I tried the TCP optimizer and it shows a increase of 5mbps lol. As for the half duplex thing, if testmy.net picks up that issue then it may be it not sure.
  3. I have been visiting this website for many years now. Up until recently it has done well serving me by telling my what speed I am downloading at. I haven't had the need to test my speed until recently I upgraded to a faster speed. I was connected at 12mpbs down and 1mbps up. I know it's not the greatest but I managed. Now my new connection speed is 60mbps down and 5 mpbs up. Here are my results. Agian This is a speedtest.net test. Yes, I know it's still not 60mbps, but if i go into safe mode it gets 60mbps. Not with testmy.net and i have Charter Communications as my ISP. This is no where near what I am getting, there is a problem somewhere.