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  1. Mr. @mudmanc4 it's about to hit again tonight. I work for a decent sized retailer and it's not always the easiest to get changes through to production quickly. Paper trail and what not. So... don't remove me quite yet.
  2. I'm a test addict. That's the first step right? I managed to get a couple of my IPs black listed. (sorry, but honestly, it's a mark of a good engineer to be able to break things - at least that's what I tell myself). The inadvertent issue I had was we have multiple sites (2500+) that get their webfiltering from two internal sites which means the public IP for my 2500+ sites is the same. They are in 4 different time zones, and I try to randomize the test in a one hour period, but 2500 sites doing http gets of 1,4,12,24 MB across three hours is clearly blacklist worthy. Questions: 1) Can I get unblacklisted please? 2) How can I best configure these tests to not trigger the auto blacklist? Instead of 2500 once a week, different 300 once a day across a couple of hours? You guys run a great service here, much more reliable than in my opinion and have been very helpful with my requests. Even if I am an addict.
  3. Oh man, you nailed it. We have an internal web filtering server and all traffic from our sites route through that. I bet that's why so many of the compid's are the same. Here's the official request then: API that accepts a custom site identifier we can set in the rest call. And while you're at it. Charge people money for an enterprise solution...
  4. I'm not doing a good job explaining my shenanigans. Some backstory. I manage PCs in different locations around the world. I'm interested in seeing what kind of speeds they are getting through their broadband connectors. To do this, I use your fabulous site, and run a silent command from the console (powershell script run as scheduled task through system), that starts up firefox against the site, and kicks off the test automatically with zero interaction or visibility from the end computer. It just logs the results to a text file that I look up later. The issue i'm facing is, when I tell 5 pcs at totally different sites to test right now, they all go do their thing, but they each get the same CompID (bc they're AT&T) and the results back up here are not granular enough for me to know which test pertained for which location.
  5. Anyway to setup a registration silently? From CLI? Perhaps an API of sorts that says, "Hey, i'm this guy" "i'm testing" "here are my results" without any interaction from the endpoint? For e.g. I ran a bunch of tests from various locations and the results are here: but my issue is, each of those results were from a different location and I have no idea where they came from. Is there an IP source field available? i.e. the rest ran from this public IP.
  6. Hi there, Great site. I'm running some remote tests on clients in the background. I.E. no one sees that i'm conducting the test. I'm able to get the test run in the background, pull the "CompID" and then query against and pull in results. My issue is that my remote clients often get the same CompID and i'm note sure which test belongs to which client. Is there a way to set the clientname before hand? remotely? through console? The goal is zero interaction with user. Great site again. Love your work. Thanks, Salman
  7. Is it possible to create custom CompID for my various testing points? Or is there a way to pull the "tid" from cookies or some other method?