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  1. Been through a sonic firewall, two other routers and three switches. All with the same result. Is why I chose the very difficult network problem as a subject. I didn't expect an easy solution. Just hoping someone might have an idea. I'm going to have to find some local networking expert to run it down. Not an easy thing to find, turns out.
  2. That would have been nice to have it be that simple. I just did check the MTU and it is set at 1500. I'm using dd-wrt on a Linksys router but prior to that I had a SonicWall set up and had the same problems. I even had the SW help desk look at it but, of course, they had me bypass everything and just plug one pc into the sonicwall and into the modem and the speed was fine. As I said I've changed every cable in this place to Cat 6 hoping that the larger pipeline would eliminate the issue. But it did not work. I think I'm going to have to find someone local who knows what they are
  3. I've got a business running on Suddenlink Cable. I'm not sure how long this has been the issue but we tried to move to VOIP a few months ago and discovered that our upload speed was insufficient for decent QOS. So I started troubleshooting. After two different network specialists including the guy that ran the wire initially have looked at it, after replacing what was probably a good switch with a higher level Cisco 300 series managed switch, after testing a Sonic Wall and Linksys router, after replacing every patch cable in the system with a cat 6 cable (the interior cables are 5E) I stil
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