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  1. I still think that it is the AMC3. System Info Satellite Transmit Path: Satellite Outroute: Primary Longitude: 87 West Receive Frequency: 1290.0 MHz Receive Symbol Rate: 30 Msps Receive Polarization: Horizontal Transmit Polarization: Horizontal 22KHz Tone: Off Router Address:
  2. When I go to enter the satellite parameters manually is says 87 West (or East or something like that). 87 matched up on Aggr3's list as AMC3.
  3. My speeds right now are 0. Everything is broken and I am back to using AOL dial-up to check email and post here. Also, direcway cancelled our email accont through them and returns all emails sent to that accont!!! Well, on a happier note... Thanks for the replies! This is a really great forum!
  4. its the amc3, but i can manually enter the 1070, but it is a vertical connection????
  5. 1290freq 30mps 2/3veterbi the good one is 1070 10 3/4
  6. yes, after about 3 hours of calling them (not joking), they said that someone would be out to fix it. I was messing with it myself and found the registration and one of the tech support guys in India suggested that I try a different frequency. He gave me a list of them and only one worked better (1070). I was getting signals of over 80 during storms, but he wouldnt let me connect with that freqency because he said that he couldn't??? Anyone know anything about this?
  7. I just got Direcway and read some of your guys's posts about getting signal strengths of above 60 and was amazed. During any sort of cloudy day, the internet drops out. Do you have any suggestions?
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