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  1. well I finally got dsl in foothills of Yosemite, after suffering with Dwy/hughes for 5 years, I finally have speeds about equal to when I first got cable modem back when it was called @home (that was about 1998 - I think it was the internet Al Gore invented - lmao) not near as fast as modern dsl, but it tales a dump on hughesnet less then half the price... funny how theres no TDS poss in the last 2 years, I guess thats a good thing... ::::::::::.. Download Stats ..:::::::::: Download Connection is:: 3517 Kbps about 3.5 Mbps (tested with 3072 kB) Download Speed is:: 429 kB/s
  2. Well as promised my modem was on the front porch (well in the front yard actually, lol) this afternoon and hooked it up and winthin seconds had this first result: :::.. testmy.net test results ..::: Download Connection is:: 2243 Kbps about 2.24 Mbps (tested with 3072 kB) Download Speed is:: 274 kB/s Upload Connection is:: 481 Kbps about 0.5 Mbps (tested with 1013 kB) Upload Speed is:: 59 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net (Main) Test Time:: 2008/11/06 - 4:48pm D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-UHL8O6N7B U-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id
  3. So finally after rumors for years and hearing from the local tech "just another couple weeks or so" since February, I ordered my shiny new dsl modem. My self install is set up for next Thursday through TDS Telecom. Ill be getting a 3Mb connection for 29.95 for one year and 50 a month after that! A real bargain compared to the 74 a month I shill out to HN for "always on broadband". Didn't the FCC just redefine broadband? Maybe HN will have to stop advertising their service as such. Anyway I just didn't come in to gloat (though it does feel good, lol) but instead to thank everybody here at
  4. Has anybody heard of this software? is the company legit and is this really legal? Dos it let you tune into actual stations or is it just some peer to peer deal lets you download shows? seems like one of them too good to be true deals... http://www.dtv4pc.net/hyd/long/main_nflf/se/index.html
  5. so after consulting with the ECC Guy - they want to put me on amc 6 6k - so the guy comes out after a week of dogging me making excuses every day and cant pick up the bird for whatever reason as there ws nothing blocking the line of sight. He ended up using the second choice of the ECC guy (he said that first choice had very few users) dont rem what it was gmc 13 or something. My signal strength is 80 my acp is 87 and these are my stats taken today at 1:30 PST... :::.. testmy.net test results ..::: Download Connection is:: 1002 Kbps about 1 Mbps (tested with 1013 kB) Download Speed is
  6. yeah sorry bout posting in 2 places - after i posted there i decided that maybe a new topic was needed...
  7. OK so the weekend went by and my speeds were ok - soon as I got up this morning and tried it was dogging bad - got an all time low of 3 down 10 up (woohoo world record) so I called back and they say its my gateway and are sending a free truck roll to point me to a new transponder...will update when this happens - thanks for all your comments and inboxed messages too! by the way these guys are way cool and are doing whatever it takes to make me happy at this point... I was also told that so may people have upgraded to the pro and pro + plan that the fastest plan (consistently) is the home
  8. after I posted I continued to search for a way of contacting somebody there. I found a number for (toll call but I have unlimited long distance )hughes corporate office (301-428-5500) and much to my suprise was quickly transferred to a senior exec in charge of customer service - he gave me a 2 month credit and is doing some research, he seems to think I may have a bad modem and will send me out a new one once he verifies this! oh happy day! lol
  9. after I posted I continued to search for a way of contacting somebody there. I found a number for (toll call but I have unlimited long distance )hughes corporate office (301-428-5500) and much to my suprise was quickly transferred to a senior exec in charge of customer service - he gave me a 2 month credit and is doing some research, he seems to think I may have a bad modem and will send me out a new one once he verifies this! oh happy day! lol
  10. Howdy good folks here at Testmy - I hope somebody can help me with some advice - a phone number or a real email address so I can get this thing straight! below is a copy of an email I am trying to send to Hughes... when I hit submit I get the - Internet Exploder cannot display this web page message. I am at the end of my rope - live in rural america, no dsl coming soon and work from home (when I can actually get online) __________________________________________________________________________________ hello let me start out by saying I have been a loyal customer fro almost 4 years
  11. Private - I have been having problems with my browsing speed for 2 months straight and have just been getting the run around with these people - below is an email I am trying to send to them today, but conveniently when I hit submit the next thing I see is Internet exploder cannot display this web page... and it does the same thing if i try and chat live with somebody - I am not sure how you found somebody who did something for you as I have searched and found nothing but posts asking people if they know of a way to actually get through to somebody there... I even checked their corporate si
  12. Yep not pissed at all anymore thanks to you all... Van
  13. Hi there- Sorry been away a bit - life got hectic there for a minute. I ran my acp test 5 times and got between 64 and 70 everytime. Also I think my signal drift was due to wind and the shoddy install. So I have had 2 days of rain since I posted last and it worked like a charm both times. No outtage whatsoever and signal stayed above 57 at all times I was looking. Never really pored, but its a far cry better then losing signal when it sprinkled a little. Last thing is I checked my feed horn and its still water tight for the moment, though I have the drill bit on standy by. Hope you all had
  14. OK I made the big move this weekend and I have 70 signal strength. Gotta wait for some weather to see if thats good enough to keep it from dropping out with the slightest amount of rain. Oh and guess what? My dish in fact was NOT grounded at all, unless you count the three lag bolts punched into my roof through the shingles and plywood. I am glad I did this, another winter up there and it prolly would have blown off my roof. I have gotten mixed comments about wether or not my dish is presently grounded enough. The pole is about 3.5 feet in the ground, though I didint read the comment about pou
  15. well the cement is barely 24 hours old and by the time I got home today it was dark out... Im prolly looking at doing the move this weekend if the weather holds up... as soon as I make the switch I will post my results up here and let you all know how I did...again thanks for all the advice, and for getting me hooked on these boards lol... been doing alot of reading Vanschlack
  16. So after digging 2 holes (first one found my septic tank lol) my pole is set holes drilled through it wth bolts, 3 feet deep, 7 feet above ground and plumb. I am really leaning towards having a friend take the dish off the roof for me and putting it up myself. My latop is on a wireless router so I can use the dw 6000 signal strength meter no prob. I know a little about pointing a dish as I have done it with directv before. Do I have to worry about it being grounded? lol and any other tips or links would be greatly appreciated. I found the interface to tell me where to point the dish according
  17. sweet, thats was my next question - I have some of them posts in the barn and a few bags of cement in the shed --- looks like Ima digging a hole in the morning - just rained too so shouldnt be too hard... thanks again everyone!
  18. Thanks good to know im on a decent bird at least. My signal strength has never been higher then 63... the installer told me that would be fine, and not having had internet prior (phone lines here are too old to get anything higher then 21k dialup and there is no local number for isp) I didnt do enough research prior to getting Dway. So seems like I got screwed by the installer on that deal. As far as my speed goes I can live with it, its just the intermittent service thats killing me now. Thanks for all your help... maybe I will just dig a hole and put a pole in the ground prior to having so
  19. anything under 47 and my modem starts flashing like a 70's disco, at 44 I only have 2/5 lights lit on the dw6000... I live in the center of California, near Yosemite - not sure where the fringe of coverage is, but maybe a diff bird would help my situation.
  20. yeah I did the +40 deal, only way I could swing it heres my info: dw 6000 and its roof mounted, signal strength is an anomaly at 60, but drops to below 50 even with a little cloud cover. The local guy out here is kinda a jerk and there is only one. I tried to have him come out, gave me a day 3 weeks out then never showed. I have a call in with another guy, from about an hour away, so we'll see. How hard does it have to rain for you to lose connection? Seems it was much better last winter about that. I would try and point it myself, but being an amputee, the roof is off limits. Maybe I s
  21. I was browsing the Hughesnet site today and came across their latest promotion- Seems now when you sign up for service it comes with the install and equipment for FREE! I paid 600 bux for this hunk of crap with flashing blue lights that has been nothing but a major source of frustration and dismay for 17 months. Being as I live in the boonies and work from home, I have to have it. Now they are giving away the junk, but want 50 bux and another 15 month commitment from its loyal customers to upgrade. This really chaps my hide, I can really use the increase in up load, but refuse to commit to the
  22. Hello, Though I'm not exactly new to the forum, this is my first post... I been skulking in the shadows learning all I can about the ONLY high speed internet connection available to me as I live in the sierra foothills... I recently sign up for Direcway thru a website that has the company name electronics express, but the website url would seem to indicate that they are a subdivision of direcway... www.direcway.bz
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