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  1. good one Google the spelling of my name, that should also explain... On a serious note, I downgraded to Comcast Performance (max of 25Mbps down) and streaming is of the same quality, seemingly no loss/gain of performance. It is friendlier on my wallet though
  2. I am located in the Washington, DC area where Comcast has a monopoly, unfortunately. Thanks for you reply and I understand that Sandy did a number of many infrastructure pieces, but the problems were not sharply tied to the storm as they persisted before. I just downgraded my service from Comcast Blast to Performance. I doubt my household is going to notice it, which means I can spend $10 per month on something else. What has been an interesting observation is that Dutch Youtube Sesamestreet videos tend to run better and more reliable.
  3. I have Comcast Blast which gives pretty fast internet and I seem to be able to get some. What I found though is that in the evening the speed drops. I wouldn't have noticed,if it wasn't for the youtube streaming to the TV. We have movies that oneday run perfectly, the next stutter. Doing some testing on this site as well, I find that staying local to Was DC, I have fast internet, but getting out a little and speed drops dramatically (talking 50Mbps to 0.5) to Seattle, WA. Is this normal, I would have thought, I would get atleast 60-70% of what I can get from a site close to home? Thanks! P.S. I did talk to Comcast, and they pretended that it was my computer and that I should get new hardware bla bla bla, but that is not it as the movies in question can run just fine on the same TV.
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