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  1. I thank you for your reply. I was sorry to hear about your water line. I would normally ask how they managed to break the water line. But after meeting a lot of people from Verizon I now know that anything is possible for them. To answer your question: putting my phone on copper did not solve the data line problems. Verizon after 10 weeks finally found a "cracked mirror " in one of their distribution boxes. I am actually still waiting to get up and running. I originally had the service installed on May 31, 2005.Yes it has been over 10 weeks.
  2. ""Wow, it's interesting they could not reproduce the problem and come up with a solution."" Keep in mind, they had no problem reproducing the problem. It was the solution that was stumping them. Verizon has already re hung a new copper drop for my house here in Eastchester New York and finally I am back to normal. NO MORE ECHO. AND DIAL TONE STAYS ON Computer is still being fed by FIOS. I really hope Verizon figures it all out with time. If it ever works correctly I would convert to just FIOS.
  3. I never thought I would come to this conclusion. Verizon is actually hanging a new copper drop line to my house. After the dial tone started to turn on and off again they finally gave up and admitted they cannot find the problem in my line. So for now I will have a fios line for my computer and a copper line for my phone. Maybe some day the fios will be perfected but unfortunately it is not yet. After dealing with Verizon for at least six weeks I know one thing: Either Verizon changes the way it handles things or someday we will all be making calls through the cable company.
  4. Thanks for the info about the filters. I never had DSL so I don't have any filters. According to Verizon my phones are compatible. They seem to think the echo is coming from a T1 line they use to send calls between local Company Offices in my area. It is very strange as the echo only happens on local calls. So far they have narrowed it down to definitely being on their side of the connection. At least I have a dial tone all the time now.
  5. I think I finally may have gotten somewhere. It took 2 techs all day standing on the side of my house to realize that the signal level was going up and down due to a bad port somewhere in their system. Port was finally marked as defective. I was switched to another port and I finally after six weeks have a steady dial tone. I am still working on the echo issue. Funny thing is that may have been solved by the port switch also. TIME WILL TELL. If anyone else is having problems like this please feel free to email me at <snip>. I would be happy to send a list of Verizon contacts that actually know what they are doing. edit: for member privacy
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. The second ONT when it was put in was brand new and was never used. That ONT has since been reset in excess of 60 times to no avail. I am sending this message now after just getting my service back at 12.10 PM. ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS ??? I will try anything at this point.
  7. I am new to this forum. Would just like to find out if anyone else is having the same experience with Verizon that I am. I had FIOS installed on May 31, 2005. It still does not work correctly. I have an unbelieveable echo in my phone line. This occurs on nearly every call. I loose my dial tone every night for approximately 1.5 hours. Needless to say I have spent countless hours on the phone with verizon. I have heard that I need padding put on my line. Finally I got the padding and it did nothing to help the echo. The pons card has been checked by verizon. All software including the program in my ONT and all cross connects between Verizon's central office and my house have been rebuilt. The ONT has already been replaced once and is headed for replacement a second time. This should occur Tuesday 7/5/2005. When the Verizon techs come to my house they hear the echo and can't figure it out. The other night (July 3rd) I called Verizon on my Nextel cellphone to tell them my dial tone and computer service had gone out. They said they could not guarantee a return of service before July 5th. I figured I could get by without the phone but what about the computer service. The reply left me speechless. I was told I could still always connect using my modem. I then asked now I could do that without a dial tone. I am still awaiting an answer to that one.
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