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  1. I keep getting an "unknown failure" when I try to extract updated program anti-virus files. One says possibly exceeded memory...another just says unknown reason. I get about 50% through the process and it bombs. This happens with AVG and Avast. Very small programs seem to extract OK. I have 1GB of memory and very little running so I could not really be out of memory. Any ideas?
  2. Is the price quoted in US dollars? For example, in the Dominican Republic, they use the dollar sign ($) for their DR Peso. One dollar = 32 pesos so DR$4,000 is only US$125.
  3. I have never been able to get any results of upload speed tests from any source. I have Direcway DW6000 and it really suxz. I cannot even complete their own upload test. Test freezes every time. Their techs know nothing and they have been no help at all. HELP!!!!!
  4. I cannot do a windows update. I probably have some conflict between dw6000 and the linksys router but I don't know how to check/fix. I need help from someone more experienced than I. Thanks in advance.
  5. I can never do a windows update. I get 0x80244023 every time. How can I configure my system so i do not get this timeout all of the time? My speed is fine.
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