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  1. how come my speed on good times is about 500 KbPs. I have never gotten above 600. 6000, XP, SP2 Had Direcway for about 2 months now.
  2. yeah, I tried out Guild Wars, it worked not badly.
  3. Well I have been a Direcway customer for 2 days now. I recently bought Battlefield 2, and was all excited about finally being able to play it, boy was I wrong. I loaded up into a server and my ping was around 1000. The lowest I was able to get was 900. I was wondering Is there ANY way to be able to play games online, perticularly newer FPS games, for example maybe the satellte on clear days, satellite gaming servers in the future, any ideas/suggestions?
  4. Yeah, I am also new to Direcway, got it before yesterday. It's about 500KBPS for me right now for Downlaod, which isn't great. And I agree, I had to pay 800$ upfront installation and then it's 80$ a month (canadian dollars). I find those prices REDICULOUS for the kind of service you get. And to think I'm only 2 days in with this crap, wow it's gonna be a long couple of years.
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