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  1. i'm at work and my cell is dead i dont have a home charger so i'm hoping to print it and take it home
  2. i just purchase a surfboard sb5120 modem when i connect it to the cable all the light came on ok because i have a modem before when i click on internet explorer it take me to the comcast screen this happen before with a old modem i have and they advised me that my modem just need to be syncronized the give me some info like a proxy number and a port number to register the modem again does any one know the instruction how to register a modem without the comcast cd when i click on the thing that say download it gave me a page cannot displayed screen
  3. hi everyone this is a wonderful forum i just have a general question if anyone could point me in the right direction is there any such thing as a cable modem router combo or cable modem switch combo
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