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  1. thanks swimmer it was the hardware manager thing. i appreciate your help. everything works great now.
  2. My friend has got a new pci video card (9250) and his old intel integrated one. We uninstalled the drivers for it, but windows KEEPS automatically installing them again. The big problem is, that games DO NOT SHOW UP on the monitor. We plugged another monitor into the integrated video, and the games video show up on it, but the desktop on the other. we need help uninstalling that stupid thing so that the games, and everything will display on his normal monitor (pci card one). oh and one more thing, we went into BIOS and made the primary card the PCI one, but windows STILL installs the
  3. i have comcast, and normal 6/384, and a get like 6.4 dl / 49kbps upload, and now when i take the test (about 2 days after router, had it since tues) i see massive spped drops. likes its going fast then slows down, and changes. now it wont get 4 a lot of the times. all i want to know is if i can find out if someone is using my network, and also if anyone knows about a secure adapter like i mentioned in my first post.
  4. yes i have MAC filtering, SSID brodcast off, and chanege SSID, but i forgot to mention i know this guy is good with computers, he used to work at raytheon, a very large company here, as a computer IT or tech person or something about computers, i dont remember. He also runs a pirate dvd mini-business, so this guy is kinda sinister and knows what he is doing. Any way for me to monitor traffic on the network or something?
  5. I recently got a WRT54GX4, and enabled security on it, but only WEP 64bit, as thats all my adapter (wusb54g v2) would support. I have a strong feeling that some one is using my network, as i notice fluctuating bandwidth, and once when i tried to remove things from share, it said they were in use. How in the world can i found out if there are people using my network (other than the 1 authorized), and what can i do to kick or block them or something. I need to know cause i think it is my neighbor, who i know for a FACT used to leech my other good neighbors internet for a long time, way before i
  6. Ok it turns out the adapter does not work with ANYTHING (even though it says it does in tha manual) other than wep 64-bit. I do not wish to compromise my security to poachers (there are tons where i live, and very dangerous with this router). And on top of that, i now feel my adapter is holding me back, so i will start a new topic about a good one. thank you for your help though.
  7. no i dont have SP2, but the had a repair option anyway. It wont work, fails to renew ip address. my wireless network monitor still says "you are connected to the access point, but the internet cannot be found" oh and under the network properties for the connection, it is ONLY reciveing bytes, 0 sent. maybe that helps you. any more ideas? i have to be doing something wrong or something that i can change but i have fooled with it and cant figure it out
  8. Ok i am waiting for that now. I was looking through the router options earlier and came across something that said block WAN ping, would that have anything to do with it. I mean the only problem is that on the wireless it says "connection to <network> is excellent" then under the menu for the software it says internet connection not found. is there a way that my router is not sharing it or something? or am i setting up a network wrong maybe?
  9. I just got a WRT54GX4 today and set it all up. My to wired comps work great, but the wireless wont! It connects to the access point, but cant get the internet. I have MAC ID filtering, a custom SSID (non broadcasted), and WPA/wpa2 personal with AES. If any of my encryptions are wrong tell me. anyway the adapter, a wusb54g v.2 can communicate with the access point, but not find the internet. maybe my settings are wrong? it used to work with a wrt54g v2.2, so i know its not the adapter. please help. thanks ask if you need more info
  10. Ok, i got Comcast in TUCSON AZ (i think this affects it) of 6000/384. I dug the trench to put it in myself, so i am on my own line. It is a new cable (like 3 months old), so its not the cable quality. Also the signal in my house is 13.8 dB (is dB the right unit?) Oh and more reason that it is something in the tucson area, is that 4 other friends who have the same comcast package (they live a good distance away from me too, one person is like 10 miles away) ALL get like the same upload. Mine is actually slightly better, and so is my dl speed. I have tested many differtent time, many differ
  11. OK i got comcast 6000/384 package, and it runs about as advertised. I use a Motorola surfboard 5120 modem. Then i have a linksys wrt54g v2.2 latest firmware. I have 3 computers hooked up at all times, and often have lans. 1 comp is on wireless, and its maybe 75 ft away, but it does not even test 2mbps on testmy servers. upload is unaffected. Thats not my main complaint though, its that i play a lot of games online, and other stuff, and all computers internest will simultaneously drop at the same time. Nothing happens. i have learned that unplugging router and replugging it in fixes my pr
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