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  1. Thanks for the welcome. It isn't possible to test with a cable link at the moment due to the physical layout of the house and I'm reluctant to have cabling installed because of the age of the building. I have tested download/upload speeds using Speedtest.net from servers in the US, Texas in particular, and I get test results comparable to the BTW performance test i.e. around 50Mbps d/load and 9Mbps u/load. Unfortunately this leads me to doubt the validity of the testmy.net test results! Sorry. Rob.
  2. Hi. I have recently been connected to BT Infinity here in Northwich UK. Here is an example of my d/load speed: Is this typical for a testmy.net test result? I have a connection that is rated at 76Mb by BT, and when tested using the BT wholesale (BTW) test site I usually get 45 - 53 Mb with a wireless link, depending on the time of day. Thanks, Rob.
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