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  1. Well this is super strange to me. When I test just downloading large files from various places, my speeds are what they should be. IT just seems that some of the speed tests are off or perhaps certain routes are just bad/slow/misconfigured in some router somewhere?
  2. I use testmy.net with some frequency, and it has almost always yielded the expected results. But yesterday, I got my RCN 330 plan upgraded to 500, and the tests are now wildly different between speedtest.net and testmy.net Prior to my "upgrade", testmy.net would correctly give me results in the 300s, but since the upgrade, they seem to average about 120 and sometimes as high as 275 or so, but never anywhere near my supposed new speed of 500. Speedtest.net does show these speeds or higher much of the time (but not for all of their servers, just most) I am very confused. Is there som
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