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    not connectable

    my problem is that when i am d/ling and or uploading from the site where i get TV programs i show as not being connected. therefore, other users cannot leach from me, so my ratios and speed are low and slow. it has to have something to do with this cable/modem but i'm not sure if it's in the cable/modems firewall or somewhere else? and so i'd like to know if there is a way that i can correct the prob and make myself connectable. i am using bittornado and have never had a prob with it. thank you
  2. dummie

    not connectable

    just relocated and went from dsl on west coast to road runner in central new york. have wireless service and was provided with an ambit cable/modem model#60740EUW. i download various programs from the UK and was always connectable nor with RR i am not connectable and my d/l & u/l speeds are low and slow. i contacted ambit to see if they could tell me how to reconfig the modem and was told only the cable co. which is time warner can do that. i contacted RR to no avail, they claim that all the ports are open & fwd (6881-6889). apparently they also only provide a dynamic IP, which may be another problem. i'm no techie and would sure appreciate any help in getting connected
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