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  1. Thank you thats all i was tryng to say and I never meant that your justice and morals are despicable. You said it best Everything in life has a certain balance, therefore when you end someone else's life early, the same fate should befall you. As did someone end his life but let that be by his own demise not from a needle. Let a murder kill a murder as i said he got the easy way out
  2. Your right but saving you a few dollars doesn't justify killing you should think of IT as knowing that person will never walk the streets again. Right make him work make him carry dead body's every day. Or lets just be like or ignorant ansesters kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill em all
  3. Then why dont they just kill them the same day of conviction and give instant gratification or"closer" Lets do a bunch of wrongs and make it right. Lets go back to public exicution or better yet let the family kill Him hows tha for closer. I never said let him out i said kill him why waste the money on keeping him for so long then kill him sure leave his ass locked up for life but killing him wasnt the answer.Let him live in the hell he created at least he did something for his sins You right you cant pass judgment so why can you kill him yo ucan keep him from doing more wrong ending his life gave him the easy way out
  4. Did he also write the the number selling children books for several years and i could be wrong but i thought he got nominated for several high end awards for his work i thought the idea of jail was to rehabilitate and maybe they could have been taken off death Row and let him finish his days educating instead of making it easy for him and ending it permen at solution to a not so permanent problem he would have died eventual be ti old age or be the sword that he created some deserve what they get others don't. HE was better off left alive he created bad if not him someone else but not everyone good make something positave and good and educate and do something very productive wast of a point if you ask me, So maybe you should Cut your [email protected]#$*& head off ignorant close minded [email protected]#$ you don't live in California and the state is probably thankful for that your just as bad as him for your mentality cause you breed offspring.
  5. I had to set my xbox up on the demilitarized or what ever that setting is for it to work properly through firewall not sure if that will work though with software firewall though.
  6. No my connection is through my apartment complex its a deal they have with Time Warner its a 45mb in house connection with a 10mb internet connection i love it but bad thing is is that i might have to move soon : ( to where i cant get anything close to that
  7. do you know what that means yes you could be a little quicker the Short bus is here for you. yes Gary Colman and Night rider give red gecko two thumbs up
  8. well i have had faster than 100% average but no one has my isp except people who live in my apartments so i can expect that but for AOL hmmm is a good responce but he could have caught it on a good day.
  9. I guess your connection is superior to all the other users of your isp lamo and yes it says Lamo i didn't mean lmao although it is funny you think that we believe that. Michele Night and Gary Colman and K.I.T gave you two thumbs up
  10. well that depends on if you want natural or chemically aided wake and sleep periods.
  11. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 22531 Kbps about 22.5 Mbps (tested with 12160 kB) Download Speed is:: 2750 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server2) Test Time:: Sun Dec 4 03:58:10 CST 2005 Bottom Line:: 402X faster than 56K 1MB download in 0.37 sec Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 72.14 % faster than the average for host (waldenweb.com) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-LT0U7VPZS $46:00 a month
  12. Thats just it they don't know where it came from and cant prove it since i have at least 400 of the original Cd's in my closet. They have to catch you on a file sharing server either downloading or uploading copyrighted material. So where are all the originals hmmm i lost them in hurricane Katrina anything flood fire lost over ten years you have to be caught in the act. They cant arrest everyone persons who's ip they find on a p2p site thats ridiculous. But they will arrest the people who make possable for the mass public to do so. I don't own any servers or broadcast that my little bit of music is for mass to download because Its not i can show it to anyone if i couldn't then you wouldn't be allowed to tell your friend about a CD you bought or show it to anyone. Just because its on your harddrive doesnt make it illegal.
  13. The reason my speeds are above the average is everyone doesnt use the internet here so there are leftovers. but my upload is just gone to crap I am used to around 7 or 8 up and i think its on my end not my isp's. If you would check out this link van and see if mabey you got a set up suggestion, iv tried to understand the best way to set up for this but, another point of view is always good. If you have time to check it out http://www.waldenweb.com/Internet_Access/Our_Internet_Philosophy/our_internet_philosophy.html look under equipment info
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