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  1. Thank you for reading Yes i can and do get clients to run a speedtest ..But sometimes if i have a client with two or more sites connected via VPN and someone on the remote site complains there end of slowness - i have a few possible causes, along with CPU/memory usage which i can use Centrastage for realtime graphs etc but if thats ok then i need to look at internet speed and this is were if can get annoying for the users who are busy and then theres me wanting to do a speedtest,so to be able to do one in the background (without them knowing) is ideal and like i said i can use WGET but doesn't really give me the results as i want to see then (unlike a flash component) With Centrastage i can create components, using scripts and i've used standard Batch files (DOS) as that's all i know but if you are serious about creating something here's what it supports; - VBScript - JavaScript - PowerShell - Python - Ruby - Groovy Also with CS i can run these components either ondemand or schedule them if required Thanks for looking at this
  2. Hello all I'm looking at ways that i can conduct a speedtest via a windows command prompt (shell) I have clients that complain of slow internet speed and would like a way of testing from there computer (or several) via a script or on a remote command shell I've started to use Centrastage (google it if interested) which does a host of things! i have used WGET to get a file but out put is not really as desired I'd like the results like testmy.net Mbps rather than KB/s Any ideas? is there a way with testmy?
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