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  1. Hello~ I just receiently upgraded my comcast to the 6MB downstream rate because they advised me that by the end of the summer they will be upgrading the 4MB to 6MB and the current 6MB customers to 8MB... Here's my Q. I have wireless in my house; 802.11g / 54Mbps. The computer and router state that I am connecting at 54Mbps but when I run a bandwith test on either, CNet.com, dslreports.com or testmy.net I only come out around 3-4MB, mostly 3MB. I have noticed that if I plugin directly to the router then I can gain the full 6MB download rate. Can anyone tell me why this is faulty or not working correctly? I have switched from a Microsoft router to a Linksys with SRX and MIMO technology and no change. Maybe a little faster with the Linksys but not enough that I think I need to keep the Linksys. I have also checked my wireless card settings and there are no power management settings on (or atleast on low) and the transmit power is on high. Any suggestions or thoughts???? ~HeymanR
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