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  1. [tt] Up Up Down Down Av! Off Av! On Av! Off Av! On 204 167 1541 1368 196 175 1510 1374 189 205 1527 1372 182 214 1570 1373 176 213 1556 1339 207 178 1567 1374 179 182 1569 1356 190 184 1532 1378 212 211 1546 1301 195 189 1557 1358 Mean 193 191.8 1547.5 1359.3 Standard Error 3.833 5.515 6.344 7.476 Median 193 187 1551 1370 Standard Deviat 12.120 17.441 20.062 23.641 Sample Variance 146.889 304.178 402.500 558.900 Kurtosis -1.098 -1.701 -0.511 4.049 Skewness 0.147 0.151 -0.604 -1.980 Range 36 47 60 77 Minimum 176 167 1510 1301 Maximum 212 214 1570 1378 Sum 1930 1918 15475 13593 Count 10 10 10 10 CL(95.0%) 8.67 12.48 14.35 16.91[/tt] I misspoke before; it is the download that is about 12% slower with Avast! on at these speeds in my environment (WildBlue). All numbers obtained using testmy upload (579 kB) and download files (2992 kB) with the Windows Firewall turned off.
  2. The situation regarding the "satellite on the ground" has been discussed at length on various forums. There is undoubtedly a crossover point with the current Anik F2 satellite when service for current customers will begin to be affected by increasing usage, and the new satellite will be required to maintain a high level of service. The question arises as to whether WildBlue will be sufficiently assured that that they will recoup the huge investment that they'll have to make to get the satellite into the sky. Everything depends on market forces and WildBlue management. We'll keep our fingers crossed. In the meantime, I'm sure enjoying the service while Anik F2 still has plenty of capacity.
  3. Probably a smart move. For you, the only potential advantage to change now is that if you can get an installation through a local RECC, you won't have to pay the installation cost. Oh, I'm sure that they can. Of course, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they won't. So far, the service is dynamite--except for the Vonage problem.
  4. Pro Pak. See http://www.wildblue.com/forYourHome/index.jsp for prices and specs.
  5. I've had WildBlue for nearly two weeks, and it is excellent. Upload, download, and pings (ca. 600 ms) are as advertised. See my recent stats here: https://testmy.net/personal_stats.php?user_name=holler&m=08&d=28&Y=2005 The speed is down a bit today, but I'm operating in a thunderstorm. There is one caveat: Vonage doesn't work on WildBlue, at least for most folks. If you are accustomed to other broadband services, the latency may be a bit hard to get used to, but it is minimal; in fact, I'm amazed at how quick it is with, for example, Remote Desktop or VPN. The FAP seems quite reasonable so far. After two weeks of using the sytem constantly, I've barely touched my quota for the month. I'm ecstatic about WildBlue. I have three neighbors who also have WildBlue, and they are as high on it as I am.
  6. Super, thanks. Thanks again. Will do. I've been wearing out the site with testing. All stats are right on the WB Pro spec--when I'm connected directly to the modem and when I shut down firewalls and on-access virus protection (momentarily, of course ). Pings are typically in the range of 560-760 ms and average around 650 ms with an occasional outlier of about double that. You can check out today's stats at: https://testmy.net/personal_stats.php?user_name=holler&m=08&d=23&Y=2005 Sorry there aren't more, but for most of the last week (registered 8/16) I've been testing and forgetting to log in. I've had little in the way of growing pains except stuff related to setting up the router, but that didn't take long. For example, I had forgotten to enable NAT at first. Some people complain about latency, but after 15+ years of waiting on dialup, it's been very easy to get accustomed to. I'm a very happy camper indeed.
  7. Yes, indeed, I do see a speed difference with Avast! It's essentially all on the upload, however. About a 20% decrease in upload speed with Avast! on. I'm on a WildBlue sat system, so my download (<=1.5 Mbps) is about 6X upload (<=256 kbps) anyway.
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