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  1. Would be interested to see what you come up with. Stay in touch, I do like Perl myself, and would like to use it to make a server side speed test ... similar to this website, but use it to record some extra data such as location & ISP exchange type/ location so we can start narrowing down quality of broadband vs area rather than just ISP.
  2. it's just a simple #!/bin/ash script, so nothing to write home about. It gets the ping time to local server, and times downloading a file using wget. It's only accurate to the second, so it has its drawbacks. here's a summary: #Get Pingtime PINGTIME="$(ping -c $PINGCOUNT $PINGHOST | awk -F/ '/^round/ { print $4 }')" #Start Timer EPOCH_START=$(date +%s) #Get File wget $FILEURL -O wget.tmp --timeout=$WGET_TIMEOUT #Stop Timer EPOCH_FINISH=$(date +%s) #Calculate download time (seconds) DOWNLOAD_TIME=$(($EPOCH_FINISH-$EPOCH_START)) The rest of the script is just messing about with variables and appending to a logfile... As you can see from the data it produces http://i.imgur.com/VXTjJ6e.jpg it proves the point clearly that there's an issue with my local exchange during "peak times" i.e. 4pm to 2am 7 days a week. Rev.
  3. Thanks... I've a few ideas that might be worth considering, + I could give you a hand getting them developed.. Get in touch when you can.
  4. Hi Developers of the site. Just wondering what data is gathered here when I run a speed test. It looks like, you can get the IP Address (Which gives you the ISP) and you can get the Upload & Download Speed. But... Would it be possible to get any more information, like the actual exchange I am using (In case of DSL) or the Mobile Mast I am using in case of 3g/4g; or maybe the City/ Town or Location I am in. Would by doing so give us a bit of a clearer picture? For example, any ISP will probably have good spots and bad areas of coverage. If I am in location X near town Y how do I know the best ISP IN MY AREA? I don't, I can only find out the overall best ISP in the state/ country ?? What do you think? Would the ability to add more detailed information to all our speed tests enable us to paint a bigger picture, a "heat" map so to speak of "realtime" download speeds for all our ISPs? We could then tell who's the best where we live and we can also tell for example if a particular area has suddenly suffered a network issue or graph a towns ISP over time etc. I'm thinking of my own exchange here which gives the following kind of graph of speed/ping vs time: http://i.imgur.com/VXTjJ6e.jpg As you can see it's a square wave, peak vs off-peak. which means it's pretty much useless. thoughts anyone? sorry for the rambling, i'm just writing as i think of things... Rev.
  5. Hi lads, Not received any response from my posts above... not sure why but anyway. Here's an output graph of my own script. This is now running 24/7/365 every 15minutes on a NAS on my network here. http://i.imgur.com/VXTjJ6e.jpg I would love to hear from a developer of this website... as I'm sure that you must have thoughts on this??? please let me know. Regards, Rev
  6. Hi all, I've since written a simple cgi script to just download and time a file from a nearby host every minute. It also tests ping, and logs it all to a datalog. It's crude, but it will at least let me know the times and frequency of the speed issues.
  7. Hi Lads, Would it be possible to allow longer testing at finer intervals? Even if I had to apply for this and it was subject to end after say a week or two? Ideally, I would like to test every 5mins for 1 whole week (168hours) and be able to produce the graph to my ISP at the end. Limit to maybe 1-4mb download and 1mb upload. What do you say? The problem with my ISP is that during the hours of 10am to 3pm it is fine, from 3pm to 2am it's very bad.... so the graph would show this clearly. Kind Regards Rev.
  8. edit: actually, another approach might be if there was a URL interface such that I could setup my own cron job to call a URL every 30mins or 15mins. It would have to contain my username. eg: https://testmy.net/download?size=4&user=user Your server could then query my username before hand just to make sure I wasn't abusing your service, & if you were happy then perform the speedtest. perhaps a wget command might suffice from my linuxbox under a crontab for this URL. and I still get to view the graphs under my own username.
  9. Hi Guys, Love the site, it's helped me learn a lot about my ISP's (Just have a look at my graphs). I have access to 2 ISP's. Both of which are able to deliver 100% bandwidth during off peak times (when i'm not at home to use it!!) and they deliver <10% of the advertised bandwidth during peak times. Basically they suffer from severe contention/ congestion or in other words they are over subscribed.. I want to complain... but before I do, I would ideally like to get some more data points. Do you have any way to allow more than 100 auto download tests at 30 minute intervals? i.e. something that would allow for a continuous 7 day period? or Would I be able to somehow set a schedule of when I want to run my Auto speed test? Say Every 30 mins between 12am and 5pm Every 15 mins between 5pm and 12am for 7 days Thanks for your help. Rev.
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