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  1. I have tried to talk to support from Insight and they are telling me that speed is up to 4Mb, and they refuse to do anymore on it. Now heres my problem im barly at the 1Mb mark most of the time. Im also interested in being a Plus customer and i can even get half of whats advertised. They are telling me its all my problem or they say its only up to 4Mb. They have tried things like saying its a virus or spyware. I have cleanly formatted my system with only xp and sp2, with the firewall off. I will run the tests and i get the same response. Ive done things like download large files and i seem to stay in the 70Kb/sec zone which the tests seem to employ about the same speed Im currently building a case of information so i can give the local office the information. Heres what I have tweaking and modem and things so far. They have been out to redo the lines. Ive had my modem exchanged. Ive had my modem plugged in USB, all with same results. Here is my Tweak Settings Via B.B.R. http://ttester.broadbandreports.com/tweak/block:1bdb40f?service=cable&speed=4000&os=winXP&via=enternet Here is
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