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  1. i am sure the bandwith could be worse example: criag hall dorms at chico: 3 dsl lines per building: 100-200 people per building and the worst part: they promised high speed broadband the fucking bastards
  2. if they could get it to work (maybe?) it would be a great way to provide internet in developing nations but otherwise new things are coming out with better bandwith so y bother?
  3. i completely agree with u however... hackers are getting jailtime for hacking their own property that aint cool
  4. im a hardware hacker so i know what its like to r.e. shit
  5. good one but can u hack the mind of GOD's creator?
  6. w00t! w00t! phrack is fucking awesome!
  7. rayray likes :booty: :downtown: :booty: :downtown: :booty:
  8. 1984....? brave new world....? ferenhiet 451....? L.A....? Berkley...? NO not everything is from the simpsons raptor
  9. yeah... i did mention zombies didnt i? "mmmm.... brains...." -zombie jesus
  10. yeah but it is from the people who actually know something there aint too many brainless zombies here
  11. no offense jake.. but it would be a lot easier to help u if u stoped like typing like a like valley girl ok? and yes there programs like the one u described they usually come as part of the bios on a motherboard though
  12. there are other kinds of hacker types besides dark and white hats there are red and grey hats red = nuetral grey = sometimes good sometimes bad
  13. all right im starting to see some good responses lets keep 'em comin
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