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  1. Hi Reverend, Thanks for your email reply.Here ist the deal. I had the DW4000 2 way system and within the last 2 weeks upgraded to the DW6000 2 way professional. Since I've upgraded I can't access any secure sites. I'm running windows xp home, the DW6000 is not running thru a router. advanced support changed my proxy settings about 6 times, changed my setup from vertical to horizontal or vice versa - i really don't remember, shut my account down and restarted it, giving me a new IP address, told me to start using firefox (i'd been using IE6+) and then came to the conclusion last Sunday night that they needed to escalate the issue to engineering and that someone would call me back in 24 to 72 hours. (i'm still waiting on that call). anyway i'd really appreciate any help. I've been using DirecWay for 2 years with the DW4000 and loved it. Since the upgrade my opinion has changed. I tried to go back to the DW4000 but they said NO. Any advice? Thanks,!
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