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  1. Reverend, I know I should be able to find this myself but... How do I go about finding a local installer...I looked over direcway.bz and didn't see that option. Thanks in advance, rigsby5198
  2. ARRRGH! Thanks, The Reverend! I should have asked you first, then I wouldn't have the DW 6000. But I guess I will take the hit and let them install it for me. I hate it has to be that way cause I am a do it yourself kind of guy. In any event, I really appreciate the prompt reply, seems you have a great forum going here and I will keep you informed as to my trials and tribulations with DW doubletalk support. That part I have already had the pleasure of experencing. Talking about the one way system: we have had almost no problems with it, as soon as you get used to the latency, it works pretty well. Thanks again, rigsby5198
  3. Hello, I am new to this forum, but I have had a one way DW system for about 4 years. Recently, I had a chance to buy a used DW 6000 system and now I am trying to learn what will be involved in switching from the one way to the DW 6000. I installed my one way and would like to install this new system. As you already know, DW support is of no help. I was hoping someone here had gone thru this and could advise me on the next step. BTW, I run a small computer business in south Georgia. Thanks in advance, HLM
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