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  1. Kyle S.

    Xbox Live help

    I'm not stupid. For one, I would need about 300 feet of cable since my working internet connection is upstairs, while the one I want connected is two stories below, many twists and turns. Second of all, I would have to spend hours tucking the cable under the carpet so that it wouldn't be seen or else my mother would not let me do such a thing.
  2. Kyle S.

    Xbox Live help

    Thanks for your input, greatly appreciated, however, I am not looking to hook up a tv and a modem, more so, hooking up two modems into a splitter into the same wall jack which I have figured out is probably impossible. Btw, I can't really run cable since I have a townhome, but I guess I will just go get a wireless router with the antennae booster.
  3. Kyle S.

    Xbox Live help

    Heh, ok thanks for the replies. I had no idea I had to pay for two separate connections. I don't think registering the modem with Xbox (Is that even possible?) would do anything. I think my cable provider just shut off that wall jack except for TV. I had Xbox working for about 5 months on the same wall jack until it got shut down one day.
  4. Kyle S.

    Xbox Live help

    That's the thing though, I have a 3-story house, the Xbox would be on the bottom and computer on top. Just get one of those antennae things for it? That should be fine though right if I got a wireless router, it should work if plugged into the original wall jack?
  5. Kyle S.

    Xbox Live help

    Well the thing is.... I had my xbox hooked up to the modem downstairs into a different cable outlet since april and it worked fine along with the computer up here so one day they shut it off downstairs, I didn't know I had to pay for 2 separate connections, so I figured maybe if I just got a 2-way splitter, I could connect them both into the working cable outlet while still having both on at the same time. Thanks, and I was looking at getting a wireless router because the xbox is normally connected to the tv that's downstairs. Any idea for a good cheap one?
  6. Kyle S.

    Xbox Live help

    Hello everyone, my first post here, hopefully I'll be active and not only post support questions, hehe... But anyways, I went out and bought a 2-way cable splitter. I connected it to the normal cable outlet where my computers modem functions. I plugged one "out" to the computer modem and the other to the xbox's modem. (I have two modems) Now, the problem is, my computer works fine obviously, but my Xbox will detect the cables and isp settings, etc., but will not fully connect or allow me to play games online. I was wondering if anyone had any answers to this problem, or maybe if I need to configure something or if just splitters won't work, etc. Thank you very much for your time! ~Kyle
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