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  1. Not really a big problem. The weathers been bad, and the sats a bit slow .The best strength I can get is around 75. In good weather , I usually get 1 meg and can upload a 1mb file in 6 seconds. The main reason I found this forum ,was a referral from Direcway tech. I have not been able to use the website speed test for quite some time, and today, I decided a call to them way in order. Glad I called now. The speed test I used to use ,decided to start charging for more than 3 tests a month.Since I pay Direcway $65.29 a month, I decided it was time to get some tech support for my money.All in all, I'm pretty happy with the sat most of the time. BD51
  2. Hi guys, I'm new to the site, after a complaint to Direcway, they sent me here for the speed test. I'm hoping to learn a bit, and get better speeds out of my sat. BD5 :cool:1
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