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  1. I just got a new linksys Etherfast cable/DSL router with a 4 port switch and I did not get a disc because it got it from a friend and I was hoping somone would know how to install this or get it working.. any help?
  2. Neko

    Please help me

    Heh.. If I could buy a computer I would... I can barely afford a 98... Sorry lol I'm in the ghetto so I cant buy one >.< :angry5:
  3. Hey, I have a crappy windows 98 and my 2000 wont work... I need help with this... whenever I try to play games, it says my color isnt good enough.. i only have like 16 bit color.. i may be getting a new card.. and when I tried to install an ethernet card, I needed some disc but i didnt have it so i couldnt install it... could anyone help? i wanna get my computer started cause this one is slower than hell >.< :angry5: EDIT: oh ya, whats the best hosting site you know of to host a .com website?
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