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  1. Yea, I dont know how log it will be for, my guess would be mabey a few hours. I've honestly thought about going back to Dial-up, at times this Dway is slower then dialup. I hate liveing so far away from town, I cant even get Cable TV out here
  2. Hey people. I currently have DWay, but my contract is up like next month or something. I had a guy come buy the house after setting one up down the street, were bulding a new house and he was pitching Wild Blue. Hes going to try and set up a live demp, where he'll come out and we can compare Wild Blue and DWay side by side. I was wondering what you alls take on this is, weather switching to WB is a good choise, or if you can recomend another sat. provider thats better....
  3. I average about 50-55, North-Eastern Oklahoma
  4. Yea really, its almost a rip off, I mean, If I was closer to the city by just a few miles I could get regular land line DSL for cheeper, and it would be a lot more stable, and in some ways faster then this.
  5. Transmit Path: Satellite Outroute: Primary Longitude: 87 West Receive Frequency: 1250 MHz Receive Symbol Rate: 30 Msps Receive Polarization: Horizontal Transmit Polarization: Horizontal 22KHz Tone: Off Router Address: 66.82.xx.xx Currently on a DW6000, I get random slowdowns, ragardless of what time it is, sometimes it'll be slower then dialup....I hate liveing in the sticks.....LOL Would it be worth it to upgrade to a 7000???
  6. Hmm, Sorry you had a bad experence, but for my money, linksys is the only way to go, never spent more then 5 minutes settin it up. And the one time i had to call them up, which was just for a question I had at like 3am, they guy was very helpfull, and knew what he was talkin about. Buddy if mine had a Netgear, lasted about 6 months before it went right in the trash can, he bought a linksys, and 2 years later, its still chuggin away.
  7. The Linksys WRT54G can be used ither Wierd or Wierless, I have one in my home network and it was quick and painless to get setup with my DW6000, now have two computers on the same conection. Not to mention, Linksys has free 24/7 tech support, and there people know what there doing, always had a great experence with them.
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