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  1. Thanks, Rev for your quick reply. I have to go to work now & maybe if I have time tonite I will search for your tweaks. If not tonite, then tomorrow. Thanks Again.
  2. Rigsby 5198- Hello, I am new to this forum also. I just upgraded from a one way to a DW6000 system. I self installed a new arm with feedhorn, LNB, and transmitter on my old 74 cm dish, ran another new coax for transmitter, then found a local installer from Direcway website. (It's hard to find on their site--Let me know if you can't find it). The 6000 does not seem as fast as the one-way was, but it 's OK. The main reason I upgraded was so the phone line wouldn't be busy all the time. If you have any questions, I will try to answer them. NOW, here's my question: Since the dish has been pointed and adjusted by a certified tech, can I change over from a DW6000 to a DW4000 system by just calling Dway and requesting it?
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