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  1. Sorry to just throw out a link like that but try the VideoHelp website. I haven't used any video editing programs at all but I'm sure you'll find something suitable there. Hope it works on the video file you have at hand
  2. I knew that already but thanks. I guess I'll try the tftp with no password (doesn't mention any in the guide), then if it doesn't work try it with the linksys one - hopefully it would work with no password. Thanks once again for the replies.
  3. Yeah but does the password change with the new .bin files I upload as I progress through the first guide (the one I want to use and where a password is shown in the tftp utility)? And btw thanks for the fast replies
  4. Yes I currently have the Linksys firmware.
  5. Install Guide - the simpler one which I would like to use I have a WRT54G v6 and I've asked questions due to its slowdown previously in this forum and this guide was given to me. Now that I have some time, one thing I'm wondering is for the tftp utility and the pic shown on that page about the WRT54G install process, is the password blank or is it something else (obviously not "admin" as password in the image is longer)? From other guides (namely this one , the upgrade process is different but the password is blank). However in the last guide, a custom firmware image is created which is later uploaded through the Management Mode so maybe the password for it is blank. Does anyone know whether the password for the first guide should be blank as well? I'm asking so I don't get stuck with no working password for upgrading to DD-WRT with the tftp utility. Thanks in advance.
  6. I thought since BIOS had the temps there was a program that could read those temps. I'll do some researching on the net but any other programs that you can point my way would be appreciated too. Thanks for all the links and replies EDIT: Custom PC. Just bought the new motherboard, cpu and memory.
  7. I did but only ones were the Core and HDD I believe (I tried to expand them but they didn't contain any other items).
  8. Everest shows even less.. The only temperature shown there is the temperature from the HDD sensor
  9. Any other program? This one works but only shows temp for Core (CPU?) and HDD.. I'm looking for something that shows at least Motherboard and CPU temperatures. Thanks for the upload though
  10. I've got an ASUS M2V-TVM motherboard ( Software for it ) but it obviously does not support ASUS PC Probe .. Even its CD does not contain any version of it. I am able to see the values in BIOS but unable to do so when the computer is actually running and doing something in the operating system. Do you have any recommendation on what other software to use to monitor cpu and motherboard temps? There is an ACPI driver for Virtual Device (assuming its for an old BIOS 0110 revision) on the download page and the PC Probe II mentions failing to install ACPI driver and that the model is not supported (the driver ini file mentions the same ACPI driver version so I assume they are both the same drivers, but installing the Virtual Device one did not help the PC Probe || installation). Thanks for any replies and suggestions.
  11. No such luck Still blocks up even with the latest firmware. Funny thing I noticed - right now, I guess before it blocks up, some websites such as Google Image Search (not Google web search), Yahoo, Gmail websites do not open. Testmy.net opens of course. I guess after a bit the whole Internet connection would've gone to hell but I maybe "caught it". A DNS server issue maybe is causing this? The Internet Gateway thing maybe, because of the previous wired router that I had there was no Internet Gateway created in my Network Connections for instance.. I don't want to restart my router every day.. HELP!!
  12. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I upgraded yesterday to the latest firmware. Waiting to see what would happen tonight, but based on the AVG AutoPOP3 scanner, I guess it would be the same as before. Although the firmware release document mentioned a DHCP server fix for the newest firmware. I thought I'd post here if anyone has had a similar problem with their router and see what the fix was. By the way I'm connected by cable to the router if it makes any difference. Thanks for the fast reply Sparticus
  13. I've got a new Linksys WRT54G router and it unfortunately keeps blocking up on me every day It blocks up every night (every 24 hrs) and a manual restart fixes it (web interface still worked I believe). That leads me to believe that it is something with the settings that messes it up since it doesn't fail in between those 24 hrs. Right now it's set up as an Internet Gateway (shares connection) with DHCP server on. It has the wireless connection turned on too with encryption enabled. Before when I had only a wired router everything was fine. Now, also, when I turn my computer on for the first time, when I go to check my email with Mozilla Thunderbird, AVG Free's Mail Scanner keeps coming up every time and before with the wired router I never noticed it come on because it didn't (it came up only once or twice when I restarted the router I believe.. Any thoughts on what blocks it up and whether the above settings could be the reason..? Thanks for any replies.
  14. Just wondering if TKIP or AES is the better encrption. I chose AES because I heard of it + I know its 128-bit (for TKIP it doesn't mention its key-size in the router). Thanks for any replies.
  15. Not really a hardware problem or anything but just basic laptop use questions I have before getting my laptop. People told me that when the laptop is plugged into the AC outlet, both the battery recharges but at the same time, the laptop uses a bit of the battery for some small tasks. So is it better to recharge the battery when computer is not in use (not turned on)? Any other tips on how to maximize the battery life and duration of the battery before it cannot be charged anymore would be appreciated too. Also, can you provide any actual data on the difference in life time when using 6-cell and 9-cell batteries and maybe 12-cell batteries just in case if there's any data on that. I searched on google but haven't been able to find any actual data for lifetime of those different batteries. Thanks for any replies. Your help is greatly appreciated
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