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  1. Thanks sir. I'll try those out then I'll let you know the updates. Thanks again.
  2. Some sites that I have the 404 error - www.sneakerfreaker.com, www.broadbandnuts.com, ebay.com(some images are not appearing)
  3. Thanks for the reply sir. What you mean by "virus scan in safe mode, and the paste a tracert to a site that you can not get to". Sorry if Im slow, Im not an expert when it comes to these things.
  4. Hi every one! I often get the "The page cannot be displayed - Cannot find server or DNS Error" with most of the site that I visit. Im located in the Philippines and Im using PLDT DSL and my OS is XP with IE6. Is their any settings that I should have on my browser? What could be the problem? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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