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  1. reformat it is i can wait a month before i get my laptop tho, it's not like i need these games to live. I should be doing school work instead. Anyways i guess it just comes to show that anythings possible with windows. I've tried system restores and nothing happens. It has to be the craziest error i have ever encountered
  2. here is the error... it wasn't a window it appreaed on the top center of my screen
  3. a weird error message popped up jsut now when i started defrag. the same type of message appeared once when i was about to play san andreas before. like immediately after double clicking the icon.
  4. i can't uninstall from control panel i've allready explained that, i'll try the defrag
  5. lol yah too bad i don't have one are there any free ones out there that do a good job without killing my computers ressources? I am administrator, I have it setup so i have to log in with a passwork to get on my computer at login screen to keep nosey people out of my stuff
  6. what kind of internet conenction do you have? make sure you don't have bad netowrk cable if your using wireless try using a direct cable connection from network adapter to wireless router try using a direct conncetion from your dsl/cable modem box to your network adapter
  7. Hi, lately my comp has been acting very strange. I wanted to play grand theft auto san andreas on ym pc and when I double click the icon it did nothign i sat there for a while and nothing came up. So what I did was right click and run as... and ran it under my login. Hooray! the game works... but i go to load my saved game and there is no saved games, i vreate a new one but saved it under the 3rd slot because i had saved games under 1st and 2nd. when i went to go play the game it was default settings which i find weird. I exited the game after being tired of playing it and noticed that my back
  8. i got it workin... stupid thing, only ever happens with SP2 installed
  9. ok... i got the other file... folder doesn't wanna delete now
  10. 2/3 files to go.... managed to delete 1 file the other says i'ts being used by another process... and the folder won't delete i used dos that time... how do i insert the -f in comand line? give me example
  11. how do i boot in safemode again? never had to do it liek that... ps. killbox did not work
  12. Lately i've been getting alot of files I cannot delete off my computer. It keeps displaying that it may be used by another program... tell me how in the hell an installer for a 3dmark05 can be in use after i've installed the program and rebooted my pc? It's doing this with a folder aswell i can copy the contents into another folder but the folder itself cannot be deleted. I've downloaded the file for 3dmark05 over firefox and the folder was from bittorrent. I'm currently not seeding the file so I do not know hoo it can be in use. I also have no processes running in the background that would ca
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