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  1. trw

    adware problem HELP!!

    im running windows XP home edition, and im trying to put a JPG as wall paper.
  2. trw

    adware problem HELP!!

    i have another ANNYOING!!! error....everytime i go to display properties and go under desktop and i select a picture to post as my wallpaper, everything freezes and an error pops up saying "the run DLL as an APP has encountered a problem" any way to get this fixed? I went to microsoft to see if they had a patch for this but no luck...and i also reported the error.
  3. trw

    adware problem HELP!!

    bout time they start doing something. this spyware is getting rediculous....my computer is bout crapped out now....barely loads games now, much less load web pages
  4. trw

    adware problem HELP!!

    also, how do i get rid of what past adware and spyware have done? like example a spyware program underlines every word (IE: job and car or always underlined in green) how would i get rid of that? plus i can change my wallpaper n e more on my desktop cause some spyware damaged it.
  5. trw

    adware problem HELP!!

    ok thanks a bunch guys....still getting this mass flow and Spybot and ad-aware are what ive been using for the last near year.
  6. well so far ive been keepign the adware out of my PC for a while but all of a sudden the last few days ive been getting this huge mass of adware flowing into my PC and its starts to damage some of the programs like internet explorer and display properties and stuff... and its coming in faster then i can take it out, plus im clueless on how to fix these damaged programs now. please help . all the help is GREATLY appreciated
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