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  1. well if my own PC was a server itself...wouldnt i just have to save whatever file to my hdd and move it to the right directory?
  2. ok....well i have a site under construction at the moment, but when its done it'll cover several games and have alot of downloads so im going to need good hosting and well...since im 14 with no money or job...i cant afford to pay for it ...so im gonna have to make it myself. This is totally new to me since this includes messing with my windows..connection security and all other sorts of things so i will definitly need help. alot of it.
  3. well im glad its jsust my connection that needs speeding up>>> PC: Dell Deminsion 4500 GeForce 4 TI 4200 (64mb)[TV Out] Pentium 4/ 2.0 GHz 512 MB DDR RAM 37.2 GB Harddrive Windows XP HE anyways just FYI...i do regularly clean out the spy and adware from it so...yea..cable is the only way to go lol...anyways thanks for the help
  4. yea 512k is getting old....and my dad is paying $50.00 a month for it soon we are gonna switch to cable thats only $30.00 and run like something near 1000k or higher...trying to talk him into a 3000k connection hehe
  5. hi all im new to these boards, it was introduced to me by a friend anyways, My DSL is about several years old and needs "tuning", right now im running a 512k modem with a Linksys router with 3 PCs hooked up (brother and sister). so any suggestions is greatly appreciated
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