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  1. Hmmm well i checked all proxy and the "disable proxy"is unchecked...and it still disply the wrong ip add...cant find wats seems 2 be the prob...any idea??
  2. Well...when i click on the link..the ip address shown wasnt mine....how do i solve tht..thy ask to check for any proxys but all are untick...do i need 2 click on sumplace to activate the analyzer or just click on the link and its auto scanning??
  3. Hmmm the thing is i cant dl the tweak tester ..it always has the same problem(server is busy)Hmm and im still not sure bout my type of line could u pls verify tht for me then i can test the cablenut settings..thks..
  4. Well im wondering wheter is there any cablenut settings which could lower pings???and what do u call my line since its wireless??ADSL??Cable??Satelite??hmmm and im not to sure to choose from those CCS bcos i do not knoe wat type is my line..pls help...thks..
  5. Oky..thks dude 4 the info..knew u guys could help me pretty well...
  6. Well suprisingly its kinda new wireless broadband..so its only available in my housing area only...its pretty near..but thy say if its a bad weather,speed will be slower....and if there are more people in my area using thy will leech my bandwith..is it true all this stuff??
  7. Nope it doesnt have a dish instead it transmit data through its antenna thingy on the machine 2 the main gateway
  8. Well the wire has a head shaped like a phone wire(which is suppose to connect 2 a wall jack)....where its connected to this compex thingy and then to a USB port in the com
  9. Hmm....well it comes wif 2 plugs..1 on to the main switch and the other has the name Compex LinkPort/UE202-B USB To Fast Ethernet Adapter..thts all...any idea how it works??
  10. Lol....i knew other ppl would be wondering bout this question 2 Well u see my wireless broadband machine is called "webbit" and it functions are easy...plug and ply..so i dun need any phone line or wall jack or modem..just plug to the com and ply...so any idea how 2 lower the ping
  11. Well im worried bout my ping cos when plyin on9 games it lags badly..and its bcos of the ping..sumtimes....anywayz thks guys for ur ideas..
  12. Ooo i c...hmmm in tht case as a gamer how do i lower pings
  13. Yo Van the Man...I'm back...well it may sound dumb but i ain't that clear bout the word "ping" well does it relates 2 lagging...well u see I play online games often and sometimes the ping is very high and sucked up so is there anyway to lower pings?? spelling and define edit - CA3LE
  14. Well evyrthing when well,the speed is consisten now and pretty high....but not sure bout 2morrow..anywayz just wanna say a big thks to Van Buren and to those who helped...i appreciate it u guys and Van u have utmostly patience ive ever seen helping evry1 around..kudos!!if i need help i ll be back
  15. Well suprisingly it went up :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 400 Kbps about 0.4 Mbps (tested with 386 KB) Download Speed is:: 49 KB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/ Bottom Line:: 7 times faster than 56K you can download 1MB in 20.9 second(s) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/get.cgi?Test_ID=8KCG97LWB BOut the analyzer it always shows the samething and the ip add is diff from mine,but when i check for any proxys,its always untick....so basically theres no proxys..
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