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  1. nope cos the same torrent files when i changed to the 384kbps line still can get the 25-30kbps transfer rate... i am still able to compare cos i have not terminated my 384 line yet... cud it be the fibreoptic isp is blocking the torrent dowloads? thks...
  2. ok recently i upgraded from a 384kbps line to a fibreoptic line at 2mbps.. when i had the 384 line i am getting connection speed of about 350-400 and a corresponding download rate of about 30-40kbps... my bit =torrent download speed is about 27-35 kbps... after i have installed the fibreoptic i am getting a connection speed of 1.5mbps and a download speed of about 188kbps... but now the thing is that my bit torrent download speed is now 3-4kbps! anything i did wrong or anything that is causing this? any help wud be greatly appreciated,,, thks... below are my test results... :::.. Dow
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