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  1. no i was only running nvidia. I kept timing out but im not timing out right now. It just happens out of no where. could it be that both of my computers are using the internet plus my little brother was playin socom online?
  2. no my cpu isn't heating. I fixed the problem, I restored my TCP/IP than I turned off the firewall. I've been running it for an hour now. Now the problem is my firefox keeps timing out inbetween. :/ it keeps saying " This operation has timed out for blah blah blah"
  3. dammnit. Well i was surfing for 10 minutes and suddenly my msn started disconnecting and my internet wouldn't run. IM running a Nvidia Firewall on medium security. I'm really confused, I've tried everything and it just keeps disconnecting. It will be working for a while and than BAM! nothing :/
  4. Nevermind, it's starting to work now.
  5. Jkandra it's already set like that. And I also restored my TCP/IP. I'm on it right now but than out of no where it'll just stop. I've tried uninstalling the driver and resinstalling it but still no dice. I ran cmd and than tried my ping out. sometimes it'll say sent 4 packets lost 4 packets 100% loss. SO i restored my TCP/IP but even after that sometimes it still doesn't work even. It lets me surf a little longer but still nothing.
  6. i'm running a Nvidia mobo with a 64 bit sempron.
  7. Also, I've rebooted my router several times and also have disconnected everything and reconnected them.
  8. Hi, I'm having some major issues with my internet. I'm hooked up through Rogers cable and than I have a SMC router. This computers internet just seems to work fine but I just recently built a computer and for some reason the internet keeps disconnecting, on and off. I could be chatting on msn for 3-5 minutes and out of no where disconnected. I could be surfing the net, and suddenly a page won't load up. I directly linked my rogers cable to my computer, and I'm still getting the same effects. Basically a page doesn't get loaded every other website.So i have to constantly refresh until it is loaded. Anyone got any answers?
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