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  1. Yes, Im on that plan. I did restart both modem and router, but nothing. I just dont understand y did UP speed went down by almost 50%. I know that comcast was doing some repairs or whatever in my area, but i dont know if that has anything 2 do with my speed. Thanks Anyways
  2. yeah i know that UP speed is normal but until Saturday, I was getting around 700kbps (87 - 92 kB/s)
  3. My both speeds till today afternoon, used to be greater. Download speed is still in good condition. But UP speed decreased 50% I did call Comcast today. They were working on something in my area. Does anyone else has this decrease problem?? :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 4222 Kbps about 4.2 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB) Download Speed is:: 515 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (main) Test Time:: Mon May 02 2005 23:47:18 GMT-0500 (Central Standard Time) Bottom Line:: 75X faster than 56K 1MB download in 1.99 sec Diagnosis: Looks Great : 18.73 % faster th
  4. hey Thank you for your help. All devices were properly installed. I turned off modem for 45sec and then turned back ON. It works perfectly. Thanks again.
  5. Currently my comp is connected to modem via USB.
  6. hey thanks a lot for help. I changed DNS to, but it still does same thing to me. Thanks again
  7. When I try to open internet explorer, my home page takes abt 15sec to load.
  8. NO, I use Comcast High Speed. I just wanted to know if u guys use any of those apps or not ?? thanks
  9. hey I just wanted to know if u guys use any of internet accelerators to boost up your internet speed??
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