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  1. May be Onelink have decent speeds during daytime (While I'm working !!!! ) At night when I usually surf, the speed is horrible
  2. We pay for 1st class service and we get a 3rd class service. May be it's time to "upgrade" to Dial-Up. Service Advertised Tested Speed Service Level Dial-Up = 56 Kbps 48 Kbps 85.71% Onelink Puerto Rico = 3Mbps 463 Kbps 15.07%
  3. In past weeks I noticed that p2p service was restricted supposedly to improve speeds for all the services that Onelink is offering (Powerlink and VOIP) After that, I'm getting ridiculous speeds all nights. Below are my "wonderful" stats. Do someone know what is happening at Onelink? ====================================== Your connection is: 335 Kbps or 0.3 Mbps You downloaded at: 41 kB/s You are running: 6 times faster than 56K and can download 1 megabyte in 24.98 second(s) Member Ident:Username:usoledad CompID:6460733791 Test Time:: 2007/04/30 - 6:07pm Test Browser and OS info: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30) Test ID: HKWIRV786 (if this is a screenshot go to testmy.net to see if this is fake) Diagnosis ^info^: May need help : running at only 14.55 % of your hosts average (onelinkpr.net) This was tested from a 386 kB file and took 9.453 seconds to complete
  4. And I think this is the beginning. First, they offer VOIP and throttle p2p... And because their poor service level... they restrict user speeds... However they always will say: "remember is UP TO 4Mb" So, the question is which is the minimum service level a user can receive from an ISP? Because I think a 10% of the advertised speed is ridiculous....
  5. Mmmmm, may they improved speeds in you service area...Tonight my download speeds are at 365kbps and 0.6kbps for p2p.... So where is the speed improvement they are announcing..?
  6. That's because they are offering additional services....they need to do traffic shaping. May be now we can reach the speeds whe had with adelphia...
  7. You are in heaven, here in Puerto Rico Onelink broadband provider has limited p2p thus I'm experiencing an average of 2kbps....
  8. If they offer more services, they must improve their infraestructure, because at the very end the user always pay for it.. (of course, this is not cost-effective for onelink's owners)
  9. The use of p2p isn't illegal. Moreover, Onelink's support page has tips for p2p usage. However downloading copyrighted material without proper consent is illegal, so the users are responsible for what they do. Thus, p2p is not the excuse for speed restrictions....May be they restrict speeds because they need to offer another services...at user expense.
  10. I think Onelink must advertise the minimum speeds that the customers can reach.. Is too clever to advertise speeds with the words UP TO..... I'm experiencing 8kbps d/l speeds for p2p (Almost a dial-up!!!), what a shame
  11. It sucks. I was waiting for zudeo now it has been released I can't enjoy the videos . Where is the new internet experience that Onelink has promised
  12. Is there any way we could improve p2p dl / ul speeds?
  13. Yes I did. Two weeks ago I could download at 100kbps (Using Azureus, the ports is above 50000 and I'm using encryption). My router and firewall settings have not been changed. Yesterday I received a call from a friend and he told me he is experiencing the same situation.
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