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  1. Need help quickly to resolve a possible high risk threat to my system over my home network. Long story short, I believe a thief disguised himself as a TWC "quality assurance representative" possibly hacked my network/desktops on it and continues to do so, or he manipulated my modem/router to shutdown/restart continually for days till i was forced to replace it with TWC's newer model so that TWC could more easily throttle me. I have many snapshots, report lists, Testmy.net tests, windows event logs, and other info I'm willing to share with a capable(credentials of some kind either it be word
  2. Hey guys, first time posting here so I'm praying someone on here can help because I'm in a serious pinch atm. I'm seriously about to just unplug my net and reformat EVERYTHING, with no back up! Ok hopefully I can explain this well enough without taking forever. Roommate lets "time Warner guy" to do an unscheduled, by myself or TWC Co., Quality Check. This guy was driving a personal vehicle that was awesome btw sick rims and everything, with a huge orange cone behind him in the apartment parking lot, oh and a big decal of TWC on the side driver door. Anyway, I get home when the dudes pac
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