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  1. Hi all,

    The other my brother was using the computer, wanted to turn it off, but had the mouse unplugged so he just held the in the power button on the front of the tower. The next morning, the computer would not boot. The Dell screen loads when I turn the computer on, and it brings me to the screen where I choose how to start windows (Safe mode, last successful bootup, normally etc.). However, when I choose any of the options, it gets to the windows loading screen and reboots immediately to the dell startup which redirects me to the how to start windows screen.

    I'm guessing windows may have been corrupted. Would I be able to boot a version of windows from a flash drive, move the data I want to my second HDD, and then reformat the HDD with the corrupt windows?

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi again everyone,

    Hope all is well, and now for the problem:

    There is something wrong with the communication between the router and the modem. I have internet when connecting the cable directly from the modem to the PC. I've tried power cycling multiple times, plug in modem, plug in router power. I am getting the little or no connectivity error. When both are plugged in, I can go to but not I can unplug the cable that runs between the modem and router, and I don't get network cable has been unplugged error, but as soon as I turn off the modem, that error pops up.



  3. I did end up having a problem with it before, tried uninstalling and re-installing etc. but ended up not being able to install it.. it would stop and say that I would have to restart before installation could continue, Eventually i gave up and was just going to use windows. Now I can't run the uninstaller, and it's stuck! I deleted my system restore points earlier too...

  4. Thanks for the idea, but it didn't work. Like I said earlier, I will delete a game folder for example, and it's 500 mb. So I chekc the the space, and it says 500mb. But in another 30 seconds, I will check again and it tells me that 0 mb is free on the HD. I know for sure I hae at least 20 gigs free.

  5. I recently had to do a system restore, and now after a little while it says that the system is running on low HD space. But even after I delete stuff, it says that I have  more space temporarily, but eventually goes back to 0MB.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    I recently unchecked allow indexing of files to search... was that maybe what was causing all of the memory to be taken up?

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