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  1. No i dint think so it depends how you configure your ports I made a test couple of night just for the fun of it and I got at least 70 to 80 kb/s all depend how things are going throughout the network. But if this is true they have some administrator dint know what they are doing i mean look how terrible the connections are even doing REQUEST TIME OUT this is unacceptable. So i think they are working on it but doing a terrible job of it!!!!
  2. Ok but what makes you sure thay are using this kind of equipment how do you know for sure that they a doing this???? Where did you get this information???
  5. Well if that so how come when i png a local website in Puerto Rico are so high like 285ms ?????? Even worse, ping outside.
  6. JAJAJAJAJAJA!!!! THIS IS VERY FUNNY. REALLY IT MAKES ME FEEL IN MY DMAX DAYS AM SO HAPPY NOW !!!!!! www.broadbandsupport.net Your current bandwidth reading is: 234.60kbps which means you can download at 29.33 KB/sec. from our servers.
  7. Check your ip address they are changing it again !!!!!!!!
  8. Well what you expect everything has a beginning must have an End hehehehehhe!!!
  9. Well i think you should plan to get another ISP if this stays like that. ONE LINK R.I.P.
  10. That's right but still you can record him he has to get the call no matter what, the only thing he will be polite but still doesn't resolve the problem with the packet loss or the restriction. I am just waiting till march, if the problem doesn't resolve i will just test with Centennial or Dmax. Onelink just didn't go smoothly in the transition it was really a chaos over the internet connection. The only concern for them is does the customers have a internet connection (YES) so the only concern is we still have connection but if they open the whole darn ports this would be a real chaos just because they are still using adelphias server so they are obligated to restrict ports. SOOOOO I will wait till march final !!!!!!!
  11. My friend i don't think so is just to see your account in the screen and wright what they talked about these is a protocol. They won't ask your for the acc. number because is too long just the phone number to access your account and wright a tickler just that. Theres nothing to be afraid of!!!
  12. This will NOT be tolerated at this website. This is your first warning.
  13. OK]Ok i just talked with some techies in ONELINKPR about if you have a problem with certain games like BF2 with always appearing message "HAVING PROBLMES WITH CONNECTION" they told me about the router if a have one connected i told them yes and it appears that my router is a lynksys but this is not the problem i asked them about there blocking ports for p2p and they told me some ports that are being blocked no all of are being blocked of what they say. Any way one thing they told me is to play servers for BF2 in area like Europe or servers in Germany and i tried, it appears to have a good connection but still have the same problems in other servers. the only thing that the techies in ONELINKPR says is that theres problems with latency and packet loss but the problem doesn't affect because of the ports that are being blocked still they say is Miami the problem YYYYYEEEAAA RIGHT !!!!!! one of them even told me that they are monitoring the connections for p2p and that really concerned me because of my privacy isn't that illegal or what ???? Anyway if you have any comments do so for this situation on Puerto Rico ONELINK there's alot of mysteries in this new company is pathetic!!!!
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