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  1. Is anyone esle having that problem? I have dway and every other site is normal speed but this one takes like 3-4 mins to load a page. Whats the deal?
  2. Followed what rev said and couldnt get past 62 argh.....He said the rotation shouldnt have to moved but a hair....I moved mine about 5 tics and nothing happened. That cant be right can it?
  3. Where do I get thr tcp optimizer? also when he is talking about "click file" where is he talking about?...This may be stupid questions but I'm new to all this...... thx for the help..... the phreek
  4. my upload is about 2kb/s.....so dont feel too bad
  5. I'm new here but have had a dw6000 for bout a year. Does the signal strength have anything to do with the speed? Mine is about 57......thats bad I cant sem to get it any better . Can somebody plz tell me how to tweak the system for faster downloads? thanks the phreek
  6. i,m new here and was reading the post. I didnt know i could tweak my system! Im on a dw6000 and didnt quite uderstand what rev said about how to do it could someone break that down for me plz? thx
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