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  1. AMD 64 3000+ 1GB DDR 400 Nvidia 7600GS (crimbo pressie) Asus A8V MOBO there the main bits cant see anythin affecting it...... i have herd 1GB is bare minium for Vista to run smoothley but this is getting upgraded soon too DannyBoy
  2. Ok come to the point where im gonna wipe my computer and start agen from fresh...... everythings just gettin glogged up and things run slow.... I want to upgrade to vista but i cant get Printer Drivers Sound Card Drivers OnBoard Raid Drivers Now i dont use my printer that often anyway only for uni work and i can print it at uni....... I dont use Raid Now my sound card works in XP without installing the drivers for it if i go in device manager it just says USB audio... and works will this be the same in vista anyone know...... I can get graphics drivers........ Just basically wanna know if i shud urgrade and if its worth it DannyBoy
  3. what it is, is basically i have a combo box with 3 choices in them, i also have 3 jpg's. When i select an item in the combo box i want the corresponding picture to appear in a picture box. DannyBoy
  4. Ok what i need to know is basically when i select something in a combo box i need it to update a picture in a picturebox and some text in a label DannyBoy
  5. Hey everyone Ok basically i wanna setup a home network with xp on every machine the way i wanna do is the way it is done in schools and work places with like a server and everyone logs onto there space and get there files no matter what pc there on thanks guys danny boy
  6. ye i thought of that soon as i posted it lol.. Would u lose any quality that because it through a headphone jack
  7. Ok i have an old mini hifi system in my room.... The connectors for the speakers at the back are like little clips that clip on the the speaker wire red and black.... with that in mind I am buying some new speakers for my PC harman Kardon soundsticks 2.... I currently have some little black 2.1 logitech that i would to connect to my hifi but how would i do this bearing in mind them connections.... Any people no any better speakers? DannyBoy
  8. Hi i have just been reasearching RAID, but i cant uite understand it all can you guys tell e the difference between all the different types of RAID and in what situation u wud use each one. theres RAID 0 to 5 isnt there Thanks in advanced guys DannyBoy
  9. Hi i am currently looking to buy a new Hi Fi for my room but to be honest i know abosolutly nothing about HiFi and whats good and whats not...... I am just wondering if anyone know whats i should be looking for and if anyone could point me to a particular model im looking at spending
  10. so how would i compile the sourse into my system just incase i dont find the rpm files
  11. Ok so basically by the title i have just installed linux Mandriva 2007...... wanted to give linux a try summert different than windows gettin bored with XP but me being didnt think everythin that would change and 1 thing i didnt think of is .exe files... Windows has exe files to easily install anythin but i have just tried getting the latest drives for my video card from nvidia and it came down as .run file so doulble as you do and came up with this window i cant remember but i click on it and it comes up with like a window with what looks like code in there.... I was just wondering how do you actually install apps on linux.... Such as Noob question but hey we gotta start somewhere...... DannyBoy
  12. i know a lot of people say get a laptop... but there a little to expensive and yea im a student so cheaper is best...... that and when i get into my lectures it wont be any different from a PDA cos i wont be able to type as fast as someone speaks..... thats and on the train to uni i cant really just get my laptop out its only a 20 min journey so by the time i got it out and set it up it will be time to pack it up again...... and when i get home i got this desktop machine...... PDA i could record my lectures...... or there is a PDA from O2 called O2 XDA EXEC which has a keyboard as well What you guys think..... DannyBoy
  13. Ok i start university in september... and i love technology i am thinking about buying a PDA there not that expensive but i was wondering can your create and edit documents or just view them... What other advantages would i get from having one as a uni student. Whats better PALM or Windows Thanks Guys DannyBoy
  14. Ok so i have an ipod which im using just fine My mum has just bought one The problem is that to put songs on her ipod through itunes i have to change the libary everytime otherwise it will update her ipod with my libary. Anyway round this. DannyBoy
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