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  1. www.geocities.com/tradeskillsllc/ex.html
  2. my opther email is [email protected] and maybe Extinctculture3d or soemthing at aol.com. I am waiting on the student loans and have tyo decide on wildblue or 60/mo of DW7000.... college research www.dharmaprinting.com AI content for free defragmentation of entire human knowledgebase 2000 question holographic buddhist lifestyle simulation (immersive) brainwashing HDTV for economic monitoring military 559 trillion teraflops per nanosecond sae lite shapeshifter hydorfoil browser in yellow text black background with 553 sense organs monitoring backwards compatible ever chemical reaction in earths history to eliminate the universe. GOD
  3. please reply to [email protected] with no files or links. (email with anything but text is deleted)
  4. Hi, I intend to share online college with my three neighbors, all of them are family. Currently we can only get dial up or satelite. So I am getting a TabletPC with windows Tablet PC 2005 Operateing System; and need to set up Wi-Fi to extend about 1200 feet with really good speed (30-90kb dowload?) for their downloading from the college library database. I have a desktop, and there is another desktop in the house with a spare PCI slot and USB 1.1, The comp at the house next door where my cousin with 3 kids shes 21 (ages 4, 1, and womb) has USB 2.0 and a PCI slot. I have not measured the farthest distance to the farthest house but i am guessing less than 2000 feet. I do not know anything about Wi-Fi but what I have looked at so far I like the Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router Model WPN824 or WPNT834
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