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  1. What do you mean with the power removed? And I wish it was as simple as just restarting the laptop.
  2. Earlier today it was working fine with no problems. Then i put it on standby. A few hours later, when I tried to start it up again, the screen doesn't display anything. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it broken? I left it charging.
  3. After a little googling, I found a way to reset TCP/IP and that seemed to did the trick although the first try didn't work, the second time I did it and did ipconfig /release and /renew (with my antivirus turned off), it finally worked.
  4. Everything looks fine in the device manager but what device do you mean? Under network, the netlink gigabyte ethernet says it's working properly.
  5. Well, I have been having trouble connecting onto the internet with my laptop since today. It says there is limited connectivity but it worked fine yesterday. I think I tried all the remedies for small problems such as restarting the computer, pulling plug and putting it back in, using windows repair, turning off firewalls and whatnot but nothing is working. The other desktop on the same network is fine though. I thought it could be the Ethernet cable but when I used a new one, it still doesn't work. I haven't tried wireless since there is no wireless network in my house but could it be that my ethernet socket is broken? The router still lights up when I connect my laptop to it and my the ethernet socket lights up as well so I'm not so sure. I'm sure I didn't mess around any settings or whatever but that is probably the most likely case. I'm using vista home by the way. I'll appreciate any advice, thanks.
  6. I think the vcleaner did something, I wasn't there when the scan ended and it closed by itself but I think everything is fine now. Thanks a lot.
  7. No edit button? Oh well, I narrowed it down to rundll32.exe. I read up on it and it supposedly is a important process for windows and that's why my antivirus can't scan it. It's a worm or some sort of adware that hides behind it but I have no clue how to remove it, any ideas?
  8. Well i did that in safe mode with networking, nothing in particular came up. In safe mode, everything ran smoothly. I can't tell what's wrong.
  9. What do you mean by reset your browser and I already do my scans in safe mode. And now that you mention it, the problem with that some sites doesn't work is only for firefox. Internet explorer works fine but it is still slow.
  10. haha ok, serious answers now?
  11. I have a relatively new computer with good specs which has been having problems as of late. When I try to access the internet, it is slow and when I try to go to certain sites, it doesn't work. It may be a virus or something but I have Kaspersky Internet Security installed and after the first complete scan it keeps detecting the same "adware" over and over again even after deleting it. Also it warns me that windows explorer is sending out personal information? I'm lost on what to do to improve internet speed. It's nothing network related, I have a 15 mb d/l cable service and it was working fine when I got the computer. Thanks!
  12. The software that I have to install is called RuCompliant. After I follow the instructions on the disk, it takes around 2-4 hours to scan until I can get online. There is a site to check my quota. It's called like resnet.rutgers.edu.something. I don't remember. How do I reset the MAC address anyway?
  13. I currently live at the dorms in Rutgers University and they implemented a policy that limits 4GB total download a week and 1 GB upload. If i break the policy, I will have to face a punishment of a week without the internet for my connection. Is there anyway to bypass this limit? By the way, in order to have a connection to the internet in the dorms, I need to install software that they provided us during the first day.
  14. After moving the modem, I didn't get disconnected for the rest of the day. However today, I got disconnected two times already. Confusing .
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