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  1. quick question is the quality of a external dvd burner better or worse than an internal dvd burner? (when ripping cds or dvds) do you lose any quality with the USB 2.0 cable. thanks mike
  2. hey all i just bought a new computer yesterday. and it has vista premium 64 bit. now the recovery dvds that came with it say vista premium 32 bit. the computer is running the 64 bit for sure i can see that from the computer properties. if some time i want to recover from the dvds will it install the 32 bit version of vista??? thanks for any help mike
  3. its the 6200 DDR2 256MB with dual display support
  4. hey everyone thanks for the replys i was looking around circuit city today and found a Nvidia e-GForce 6200 for 26.00 instant rebate. so i picked it up. if it works great if not out only 26 bucks thanks again mike
  5. hey i have a hp a600n desktop and i want to replace the graphics card. here are the specs... AMD Athlon( XP 2800+ 2.08 GHz: Advanced 333 MHz front side bus Socket A Chipset Via KM400A Motherboard ASUS name: A7V8Z-LA HP/Compaq name: Kelut-GL6E Integrated with up to 64 MB allocated video memory PCI Three (two available) AGP 8x One (available) RAM (installed) 512 MB (1 x 512 MB) up to 64 MB shared video memory Maximum allowed 1 GB (2 x 512 MB) i have 1 gig of ram installed it says max is 1 gig so i shouldnt add more right? just want somthing other than the onboard card. thanks
  6. hey all what is a good alterative to nero 7? im using version 7 ultra and i keep getting errors and messages saying nero has encountered a problem and needs to close. i need a good burning program for cds and once in awhile dvd. thanks
  7. i used a program called disk doctors digital media recovery. it says it found 225 gigs which would be about the amount i had on there and it gives the size of the wav file like #1 is 50549220 size (bytes) and so on... do i dare buy this for 50 bucks?
  8. hey anyone know of a free program that can recover WAV files from a hard drive that had to be formatted? i found one and it found all my files but i need to pay 60.00 to save them. any help would be great thanks mike
  9. thanks for the reply he knew what the specs were before he bought it and he said he and his wife and kid all play it so i assume he has more than one computer playing it. by the way my brother in laws computer is a gateway that has the same graphics card and only 1 gig of ram and is 5 and half years old. so was i in the wrong here?
  10. hey everyone got a question for ya. i just sold a computer to a guy who wanted to play world of warcraft on. i havent played the game but my brother in law plays it all the time on his 5 year old machine. anyways this guy keeps calling saying he wants me to return his money cause the computer i sold him wont play the game says it keeps freezing up on him. here are the specs of the computer i sold him.. AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core 4000+ 2 gigs of DDR2 Dual Channel Of Ram Nvidia Gforce 6100SE Graphics card 18X DVD+RW Dual layer Burner. bought the computer brand new in december of 2007 so its 5 months old. this guy keeps calling and is now hurrassing my wife telling her we are a bunch of crooks and how can we live with ourselves. i sold it as is and listed the specs of the computer for him to see, its even on the computer case. any help would be great. thank you mike edit...title
  11. awsome thank you for the help
  12. hey everyone i am planning on buying a blue ray player soon and i was wondering if it will work with a HDTV that is only a 720p and not the full 1080p. thanks for any help mike
  13. hi everyone i just got a new computer its got a AMD Athalon 64X2 Dual Core 4000 and it came with 1 GIG of ram. i was wondering if i need to put another gig of ram in for 2 gigs? i only use the internet and listen and watch movies on the computer. no gaming and editing or stuff like that. take care
  14. hello everyone i was wondering if i need a buisness licence to charge people to fix or remove viruses and spyware from people who dont want to take there computer to a major computer store, just wondering thanks
  15. hi everyone i just got a creative zen 30 gig mp3 player and i was wondering what the ideal bitrate i should use? i am also using a pair of bose headphones. i am looking for great quality and my cd collection is power metal and hard rock. thanks for any help.
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