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  1. Okay... after trying to figure this out on my own.... I ordered a new alienware m7700 laptop....I got the
  2. i pray so... im honestly petrified of its reviews... the AW site shows alot of testimonials and reviews about how amazing their stuff is (they wouldn't show flaws obviously) i accept that a computer is a computer, a machine that may have problems... its gonna happen sometime because it happens to them all.. but i cannot afford to be dealing with problems after spending 4 grand, because i expect this thing to last me the next 3 years.... its gonna be used alot for LAN and College... i pray so hard that it will not malfunction on me like everyone else is experiencing....
  3. yeah dude, i have a huge 19" LCD monitor and i have to wrap it in 2 thick sweatshirts when i haul it, gets real anoying..
  4. Yeah true, but you gotta remember, laptop = more convenient and easy to deal with then a desktop.. espeshily for me that being LAN partys and it'll make life easier for college.
  5. yeah, i just read the warrenty info and thank god for the 30 day guarantee.. if i don't have problems within then first 25 days then i should feel more relaxed and easy after that...
  6. right but its wonderful that bad luck runs with my dad and it seems to be passing down to me... its just my luck i will get it, turn it on, and it will implode or just shatter or something ridiculous... im kinda scared about it now.
  7. well after reading majority reviews on it and people bad talking them and hating them.. i almost wanna cancel the order right now and go with a XPS or something.. because i CANNOT afford problems after spending over 4 grand. period.
  8. oh friggin wonderful, i didn't know theres a possible chance of me having problems with it... when you check order statues.. it goes through freaking 15 phases to ensure it will be all powerful and stuff etc blah blah... but that kinda scares me you saying that.
  9. I just ordered an alienware laptop...yeah i dropped 4 grand into it, so i need some opinions to see if it was worth it. Processor: AMD Athlon
  10. So my computer likes to restart over night, im guessing due to service pack 2 crap but i click Start: Run: gpedit.msc and windows cannot find it.. what the heck is that crap? i need to get to Computer Configuration > Admin Templates > Windows components > Windows Update... any ideas out there?
  11. Im trying to install the beta 2 of IE 7. When i go to update it, i get this error... http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i314/CaptainSauce/Erroe.jpg (i hope you can see it) I tried ctrl panel, admin tools, services, and cryptographic services is running.. i dont get it?? Anyone got ideas?
  12. Im sitting in school and me and my school computing administrator are working on a teachers HOME computer...It is infected with the following spyware E2Give DyFuCa (actaully a trojan) NewDotNot WebHancer I have tried Adaware, Ewido anti malware, AVG, and a trial version of spy hunter 2.0 (which wont delete because its the trial) Ive manually went through and deleted registries and much more, its become a complete pain. Any recommendations out there for a freeware or good anti spy that would get rid of this crap?? Thanks for your time.
  13. SUCK IT! ...wrestling is amazing, its so lame, but that is what makes it incredible.
  14. I fixed it... how? Here is the funny part... no joke, i got up, walked to the side of my tower, kicked it and cracked the slidding cover, came back, everything worked great. SO... thats made me wanna start a computer shop, because fixing computers cant get much easier. ha
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