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  1. I just upgraded to professional with a DW6000 Monday- Speeds are Down 900-1000 kbps, Up 40-50 kbps. just slightly faster with Windows Firewall off. Not worth the extra $30 Bucks a month. I am new to the forum so forgive me if this is a stupid question...... What is a FAP?
  2. Has anyone had experience using Citrix ICA or any other Internet Client Account to access a server from home or a remote location. I had Citrix ICA installed on my home PC about 6 months ago, it was slow to respond to mouse movement and keyboard, but it worked and I could access the server at my office. Sometime in mid December, it stopped working. It disconnects, and keeps trying to reconnect with no sucess. D-Way tech support suggested that i upgrade to the Professional service with a Static IP address - Didn't work - Any input on how to make this connection work would be
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